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Updated: Jul 13, 2018

We are so excited that you have stumbled upon Lace and Laughter! Our sincerest hope is that you find this space to be a safe haven for creativity... where you not only find ideas to help you create the wedding or event of your dreams, but also the people to help you do that!

Event planning has been a lifelong love of ours. Growing up, events were a part of who we were. All birthday parties had themes with elaborate decorations and menus, every holiday was celebrated with matching table settings, and party favors were a family norm. So, as we've grown older, we've planned weddings, conferences, and events for friends, family, and at work. Starting a business to encompass a lot of what we are already doing and being able to expand to a wider clientele seemed like the logical next step!

Kyla is the brains behind Lace and Laughter (and the fun one!)... it's her dream to create beautiful events for people, and she does this SO well! I've been alongside her at countless weddings and events that she's helped put together (when you're the sister you get 'voluntold' quite a bit, lol), and I'm always amazed at how easily she can look at a space and immediately see what it can become. Seriously. Give her some direction, some supplies, and an empty space and she can transform it into a beautiful wedding venue or event space.

I'm the boring, organized one, so I'll be helping with anything website/social media related, keeping everyone on schedule, putting my Type A personality to (hopefully) good use, and, of course, blogging! My vision is that this blog will be an inside look at Lace and Laughter and all that we do. We'll show you events we plan, talk through wedding and event tips, and write about our favorite design ideas. We can't wait to do events (and life) with you!


Lexi Leigh Wolkow

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