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About kyla.

I love people, coffee, and events. If a day contains all three of those details it is basically the best day ever. I graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor's degree in hospitality management where my emphasis was events. Yes, talk about a fun major! Throughout college and after graduation I have been helping others pull off events and it's turned into my favorite side gig. 

Honestly, I just want everyone to be able to have the day that they have been dreaming about for years--because of course that is what we do. If you are anything like me, you look at pinterest for hours and research ideas for days on end. Do that! it is fun. And it should be! 

So, let me help you make those ideas a reality. 

About the Event Planner Kyla Dunn
The Lace and Laugher Team

About lexi.

I love people, coffee, and events. Sound Familiar? Must be hereditary! Kyla and I are sisters, and where one goes, often the other follows - which has led us to helping at many events together. 


Kyla can work magic with decor, but my favorite thing about any event are the logistics. I'm never without a plan (and a plan b), and can't wait to help make your big day run as smoothly as possible.  

You have probably noticed that the packages we offer are not your typical wedding planner packages. Working with us is a partnership! we want to give you the tools you need for a successful event at a price that works for your budget (and don't worry - we'll be there to support you on your wedding day too!). 

If you have any questions (or a million questions) please do not hesitate to ask. . 

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